Welcome to the dojo within the dojo

A place to rest - to practice - to be inspired - to be at home with your self.

A space to reflect, to connect, to strengthen the ability to stay awake regardless, to return to the basics of Life and being a humane being.

A kindness to live and practice with others, to build the capacity for more capacity, to practice our humanity, to learn to live in peaceful coexistence and well being for All of this beautiful and troubled planet Earth.

I invite you to explore and to mine this site - there may be something worth discovering...

With respect




About Toke Paludan Moeller

Apprenticing human being, Ceo and Co founder of InterChange

- Co finder and co creator of The Art of Hosting, The Flow Game, The Warrior of the Heart dojo, Collective story harvest and Designing for wiser action.

To do what matters

To do work that really matters

not just to you but to all life

it is essential to slow down

The bigger the work

the more the need to slow down

not to fall asleep!

but to slow down to

the pace of life

What kind of leadership does the world


now and for the future?

are you doing what is needed?

is it your work or could somebody else be doing it?

Harbour not despair for the suffering that persists

but deep joy for the harmony that exists

both sides are there, dancing

hold reality in your heart, tenderly

From that more centred place

act with purpose

the group’s highest collective aspiration

let the centre come alive

so that all of humanity may thrive

The Power of clarity on Need and Purpose

Groundwork online 4 March 2019

Leading for cooperation

Leading for cooperation

Taming Power

Taming Power