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About Toke Paludan Moeller

Apprenticing human being, Ceo and Co founder of InterChange

- Co finder and co creator of The Art of Hosting, The Flow Game, The Warrior of the Heart dojo, Collective story harvest and Designing for wiser action.

Leading for cooperation

Leading for cooperation

Heenal Rajani’s poetry harvest of 
Toke Moeller’s Key note offering at 
the College of Sustainable Leadership at 
Dalhousie University Halifax Canada - 23.3. 2017.

  • see also the video of the key more below if it has your interest.

Leading for cooperation.....

What kind of leadership does the world need?
So much conflict, seven billion mouths to feed
now it’s time to be more fierce, and also more kind.

Institutions won’t save us - it’s too late
in these days of fascism and hate
the emperor’s clothes are newer than ever.

How can humans live in peace together?
What does it take to be
in this world 
where even the news is fake?

We have to work together in order to survive,
to live in harmony and truly thrive
it’s not political
- if we don’t do this, 
- we’ll die
unless we shift, 
we will be extinguished

Everything seems so scary it’s true
so what can we do
people like me, people like you?

It starts with me and my journey:
it can be a struggle to juggle
purpose and learning, 
contributing and earning
in that dance I have the chance
to keep my fire burning

Who am I as I walk, as I talk, as I meet?
Who am I? What am I giving?
What purpose am I living?

Purpose is any group’s highest aspiration
whether individual, community or nation

Purpose is a magic thing
the harvest that can bring will amaze you

Purpose is fire, 
but don’t let that faze you
let it light you up
let it keep you warm at night
keep it burning always

The time for heroes is over
Peace begins at home
so put down your cellphone
call upon the deepest part of you
the inner light that shines through

Being awake and being at peace
is where we can meet as human beings
a deceptively simple, powerful start
when we meet, let’s greet from the heart

I am because we are

Make your enemy your friend
as in aikido, move to blend with your attacker
don’t become 
that which you seek to change
that may sound strange
but history teaches us
that the purest of intentions
and smartest inventions that seem so exciting self-destruct
you become the hierarchy you’re fighting
so stay awake

There are so many options in life - I don’t know what to commit to
when the planet’s in such strife, 
what can a little Hobbit do?

Just show up.

What I’m seeing
is that the world doesn’t need more leaders:
it needs more human beings

Are you ready to be human?

Are we ready to show up together as humans
and see the humanity in each other?

Are we ready to talk to each other?

This is our opportunity to live in common unity
It’s the time for cooperation

Don’t make the same mistakes 
as my generation

When love

When love

To do what matters

To do what matters