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A place to rest - to practice - to be inspired - to be at home with your self.

A space to reflect, to connect, to strengthen the ability to stay awake regardless, to return to the basics of Life and being a humane being.

A kindness to live and practice with others, to build the capacity for more capacity, to practice our humanity, to learn to live in peaceful coexistence and well being for All of this beautiful and troubled planet Earth.

I invite you to explore and to mine this site - there may be something worth discovering...

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About Toke Paludan Moeller

Apprenticing human being, Ceo and Co founder of InterChange

- Co finder and co creator of The Art of Hosting, The Flow Game, The Warrior of the Heart dojo, Collective story harvest and Designing for wiser action.

New and Ancient Movement

New and Ancient Movement

Art of Hosting: A New and Ancient Movement.

On a recent visit from Denmark, Toke Moeller spoke with Tim Merry about the challenges of our time during this Engage Nova Scotia webinar.

When we find ourselves on a burning platform, he said, our first reaction is to duck and take cover. But then we become even more isolated and polarized—which is what created many of our problems in the first place. More than ever, it takes courage to come together, build trust and take care of what needs to be done.

Toke Moeller described the Art of Hosting as a practice of bringing people together so they can find their own solutions and take action. It’s simple, he says. People naturally innovate. They naturally learn. This is just common sense, and yet it is also radical. We don’t need a movement for change. We need to become more human.


Destiny ?

Destiny ?

Leading for peace

Leading for peace