Welcome to the dojo within the dojo

A place to rest - to practice - to be inspired - to be at home with your self.

A space to reflect, to connect, to strengthen the ability to stay awake regardless, to return to the basics of Life and being a humane being.

A kindness to live and practice with others, to build the capacity for more capacity, to practice our humanity, to learn to live in peaceful coexistence and well being for All of this beautiful and troubled planet Earth.

I invite you to explore and to mine this site - there may be something worth discovering...

With respect




About Toke Paludan Moeller

Apprenticing human being, Ceo and Co founder of InterChange

- Co finder and co creator of The Art of Hosting, The Flow Game, The Warrior of the Heart dojo, Collective story harvest and Designing for wiser action.

Good Leadership practices?

Good Leadership practices?

Be Awake
Be Aware
Be Focussed
Act Purposefully
Be Relaxed
Step in to meet the challenge
Befriend you enemy
Practice hosting yourself
Practice your best practices every day
See the possibilty to practice everywhere
Trust the flow that keeps you alive - it is hidden in your breath
 Seek the simplicity that comes from clarity
Respect everyone as the human they are - even those with a different opinion. 
Be kind
Create space for compassion in your self and the others
Practice generosity however you can - it the best medicine against greed
Cooperate and cocreate for the greater common good
African Bush wisdom:
Understand what you hear
Move wisely
Act swiftly
beyond fear
Practice the 8 P's
Proper prior practice & preparation prevents piss poor performance
Manifest your purposes wisely. 
Don't lead and work alone if possible
Make a honorable living and live honorably. 
Enjoy the strength of life flowing through you moment by moment. 


- at Karlskrona MSLS dojo 16. January 2017

Fight for sanity

Fight for sanity