Welcome to the dojo within the dojo

A place to rest - to practice - to be inspired - to be at home with your self.

A space to reflect, to connect, to strengthen the ability to stay awake regardless, to return to the basics of Life and being a humane being.

A kindness to live and practice with others, to build the capacity for more capacity, to practice our humanity, to learn to live in peaceful coexistence and well being for All of this beautiful and troubled planet Earth.

I invite you to explore and to mine this site - there may be something worth discovering...

With respect




About Toke Paludan Moeller

Apprenticing human being, Ceo and Co founder of InterChange

- Co finder and co creator of The Art of Hosting, The Flow Game, The Warrior of the Heart dojo, Collective story harvest and Designing for wiser action.

Stepping in

Heart filled with gratitude for …
Eagle support
Accumulated wisdom
Abundant generosity
Sharp clarity
Grounding support
Gentle push
Belief in me
Entire being filled with courage to…
Practice, learning and sharpening beforehand
Good groundwork and full presence
Powerful questions
Compassionate warriorship
True mates at my back
What a blessing and an experience to be…
Practicing in the field
Trusting myself
Stepping up
Supporting others to organise themselves
Sharing freely
Doing meaningful work
Learning so much by…
Inviting others in
Letting go
Adapting to what is needed
Creating minimal structure
Clarity of role and purpose
More needed to be done
Truly blessed and incredibly grateful to have
kind support as I step in and up...
- Vishal Jodhani, November 2016
Holding focus

Holding focus